Software Developer (Web)

Duarte  (Sunnyvale)
January 8th

You are a clean code fanatic who loves to see things built the right way. You deeply empathize with the users of your code and make design decisions with this as your core compass. You like to get your hands into code and have a natural penchant for problem solving. You have worked on public websites and maintained web applications. You have informed opinions about programming languages, code frameworks, tools and apps.

You are a highly detail oriented person with a couple years of experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. You are constantly exploring exciting new possibilities with HTML5 and CSS3. You have experience with frontend frameworks like Backbone.js or AngularJS. You have built websites designed specifically for mobile. You should be experienced with creating whole WordPress sites. You should have some experience with Apache and MySQL and configuring a web-server. Experience with AWS or other cloud platform a plus. Experience with Node.js, Ruby, or Python a major plus. Design and creative agency experience will rank you even higher on our consideration list.

Here’s what we can offer:

Real-world experience writing and maintaining code. A work environment where active learning is emphasized and dreaming big is encouraged.

Responsibilities will include building HTML templates, applying bug fixes, debugging cross-browser and mobile CSS. Applications you will work on include WordPress, and several proprietary PHP apps. You will also be updating content on various Duarte web properties and helping to answer questions and provide support for customers and users. You will participate in helping to plan and build new web apps, maintaining them as they continue to grow, and helping them mature. You will work primarily with a small team of like-minded developers and designers, though you may also be given individual responsibility over various parts of our technical platforms.

A bit about Duarte, Inc.

We value work as much as play – and pride ourselves on nurturing an environment where life-long friends are made. And we’ve been around long enough to make that claim. Duarte, Inc.’s creative headquarters is in Sunnyvale, California, with offices in Chico, California. For more than 25 years, Duarte, Inc. has worked on thousands of presentations for many of the world’s best-known brands and though-leaders.

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